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Table Ordering

Cater to more customers and increase your sales, whilst reducing your staff costs. Streamline your operations and offer guests a speedier and more enjoyable experience through our table ordering solution.

How does it work?

Bespoke QR codes

Place numbered QR codes on your tables so customers can easily access your menu offering through their mobile devices, without being dependent on a waiter.

Paperless & real-time menus

Save costs on printed menus and allow guests to instantly access your own-branded menu. Display menu items, allergen information and pricing easily, and make changes to your menu items and stock real-time.

Quick payments

Allow customers to pay directly through their phones, instead of making them wait for a card machine to be brought to them, and simply focus on what you do best – preparing their delicious food!

Capture data

Collate all your customer data from online transactions. Understand what they like, what they don’t like, and improve your engagement with them through bespoke notifications and targeted campaigns.

Generate increased sales with reduced costs. Speed up your table turnover time, cut back on costs, and give your customers a more enjoyable experience.

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