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Mobile Point of Sale

When you’re moving from place to place, or need a flexible and portable solution, fixed EPOS systems tend to overcomplicate your operations. Upgrade to the new way of taking payments on the go
Solve For
Multiple Hardware
Investing in printers, card readers and till systems or tablets is capital intensive
Order Taking
Taking orders on paper, or based on memory, is prone to mistakes and angry customers
WiFi Connectivity
It becomes difficult to take orders and payments when the WiFi drops

NOQ’s MPOS Solution

All-In-One Device

With our all-in-one mobile point of sale (MPOS) device, you don’t have to worry about the need for multiple, inflexible and costly devices. You can manage everything from a single piece of hardware, that fits easily into a pocket

Mobile Device & Integrated Reader

Manage all your F&B operations from a mobile phone, integrated with a portable and light bluetooth card reader, so you don’t have to manually input the amount for payment on the reader

Order Taking

NOQ’s powerful epos allows waiters or staff at the counter to take orders correctly, whilst communicating it automatically to the back of house


The device is supported by WiFi as well as a dual SIM card, picking up network and connectivity from the best supported route, which is perfect for green field sites or areas where taking payments is difficult

Who Does It Work For?
Provide a simplified setup to all your traders, and remove the need for multiple hardware. No need for tills, wiring or printers
Reduce the need for multiple hardware in a setting where vendors benefit from a flexible solution
Gone are the days of using paper waiter pads, or relying on memory to take orders. Using the all-in-one device, you can take orders at the table
Take orders and payment from customers directly at their table, whilst having your stock updated on a per order basis
Upgrade your pen and paper to simple and easy to use EPOS software, which communicated directly to your back of house so orders can be instantly prepared

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