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NOQ started out as a solution to a problem we often faced. Since we started this journey, our business has grown, and we have grown with it. We are passionate about our story, where we are now, and we are excited for what there is to come!

Param Kanabar

“As a keen event-goer, I found myself having the time of my life with my cousin at Rock in Rio in Lisbon, in the Summer of 2017. But it took me almost an hour to get the next pint, because of the long queues for food & drinks. It was such a buzz-kill and I knew there had to be a better solution!”

Andrea Diaferio
Product Manager/Co-Founder

“Icardi hat-trick, last minute penalty, Milan derby! It was October 2017, and a great victory for Inter. Everything about that night was special, but I missed so much of it waiting in long queues for food & drinks. Something had to change.”

We both met at a foosball table during a Christmas party in London and realised we shared a similar problem. This is where NOQ was created as a concept – mobile ordering for food & drinks at events to spend less time queuing and more time enjoying the moment.

However, after attending more than 300 events on the ground, we realised that providing a mobile ordering system was not enough if it wasn’t managed well. Our focus has always been queue management and providing innovative payment solutions for events, but, at the same time we wanted to ensure the F&B experience was seamless. Our F&B Management Platform was then created to provide the necessary tools to take control of food & drinks operations.

Our Mission & Ethos
Enjoy the moment
In everything we do, we do it to the best of our ability, and we do it because we enjoy it. We are very passionate about our business and take pride in the growth and success of NOQ.
The team behind NOQ is carefully chosen. The cultural fit, bonding and drive towards the same goal is very important and we want to make sure our values transpire to the whole team.
A curious mind is a healthy mind. Test the boundaries, question the norm, challenge yourself every day. We want to disrupt the industry, help it move to a more efficient space, and truly solve problems.
Customer Care
We pride ourselves on this – we are on-hand to answer any customer queries, and are always here to help!

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