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01 / 02 / 2024

Affordable event POS: How we help keep costs down

There’s no question that affordable event POS is important these days. Lots of clients we’ve spoken to recently have cited tight margins, which are often exacerbated by the fact that they only have a finite period in which to make their money. With tight margins, every 1% makes all the difference, which is why we’ve thought carefully about how we package up our solution to ensure it’s affordable for those on tight budgets. Read on to learn more about our affordable event POS solution.

We spend a lot of time listening to our client’s pain points and trying to make their lives easier. These days, the issue that comes up again and again is the squeeze in revenue that’s being experienced by event operators across the board. As Luke Laws, Operations Director of super-club fabric, said: “Our main challenge is spiralling costs. And you can’t pass them on. Added to that, you’ve got a reduction in people going out and a reduction in their spending power” Read the full fabric story here >

Of course, this is challenged still further by narrow trading windows, as Spencer Finch, owner of Billy Bob’s Street Food said: “We don’t have an event like CarFest every week. We have to maximise our profits. So, for us, it’s all about volume. You’re often feeding 1000 people in a four-hour window.” Read the full CarFest story here >

This makes it all the more important to find an affordable event POS system that’s capable of maximising your revenue. To help you out, we’ve come up with the following solutions that allow you to pay for what you need – and nothing more.

Shared solutions for seasonal clients

Many of our clients are seasonal. Festival operators like Hickory Foods and Event Live (along with their traders) tend to be flat-out in the summer and Christmas. Stadiums, on the other hand, are often pinned to a sporting calendar such as cricket or rugby. This poses a problem for event operators; they have software and hardware sitting unused for large chunks of the year. So we’ve come up with a unique solution to make our event POS more affordable: We let people share.

For example: The UK cricket season runs from April to September, while rugby runs from September to May. Individually, they only operate for a proportion of the year, but between the two they cover the whole 12 months. In a case like this, we’ll allow two customers to split a single solution between them. The cricket stadium will pay during the summer months, and the rugby stadium during the winter months. Of course, within that is the flexibility to scale hardware and software up and down to meet specific needs or cater to peak periods.

Photo of phone displaying the NOQ Express web-app at the Scottish Open

Hardware by the month, week, or day

To facilitate this scaling up and down, we offer rental packages for our event POS hardware, including our legendary all-in-one terminals. Clients can choose to rent by the month, the week, the weekend or even just the day. You have zero upfront costs and you always get the latest model. Plus, terminals come fully configured so you can simply switch on and go.

This flexible access has been a huge bonus for Brian Galbraith, co-founder and Executive Manager of Hickory Foods. He loves the fact he’s kept up to date. “If you’re leasing something you get all the latest updates. For us, it’s far more efficient to operate like that; we don’t get left behind.”

Pick n mix software

In addition to flexibility around how you use our hardware, our modular approach to software also gives you the freedom to tailor the solution to your specific needs at the time. We don’t charge recurring monthly fees for something you’re not using. You choose the modules you need for a given period and that’s what you’ll pay for. For example, at one event you might just need POS, whereas at others you need stock management or loyalty and membership capabilities. Just let us know what you need and we’ll get you set up.

Discover our affordable event POS

In an industry where agility is crucial, you need an understanding software partner that can accommodate you. You don’t want to be locked into year-long contracts or stuck with hardware that’s not being used and is quickly becoming out of date. We’re passionate about helping events and entertainment operators keep costs down while maximising their revenue and would love the opportunity to demonstrate our affordable event POS to you. Why not put us to the test at your next event to see how we perform against your other systems? Our speedy, lightweight set-up makes running pilots easy.

“Technology and automation are critical in this industry. We have to keep looking for ways to drive efficiencies, be more profitable and deliver a quicker service. So for me, technology is essential. When you get it right, it frees up people to do what they’re good at, which is interacting with their customers. NOQ is always updating and evolving its system and, as a young business working collaboratively, they are agile and quick to respond.” – Brian Galbraith, Hickory Foods

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