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Business Management

Create sites, set up multiple outlets, add menus, and stay on top of everything. Manage resources, from staff, to stock, to sites and have a clear understanding of your own business.

How does it work?

Create Sites

Set up events and venues on our business management portal. Manage their locations, timings, branding and F&B service types – counter ordering, table ordering, click & collect, etc.

Set Up Outlets

Add multiple outlets to each site, whether they are individual vendors taking part in your event, or multiple bars within your venue. Give each outlet their own login details, so they can access their own profiles, to manage their setup, banking information, services offered and more.

Add Menus

Create menus for each outlet or let them take care of this themselves. Set up multiple menus by times, by service types and by customer type. Always keep a pulse on pricing, branding guidelines and items, and have master control to override any information.

Manage Resources

Stay on top of staff and stock at all times. Add staff permissions, allocate them to different outlets, and keep track of their hours through clock-ins/outs. Know your stock levels, get notified when you’re below your ideal stock count and always have an up-to-date EPOS displaying only in-stock items.

Visibility & Data

Access dashboards and reports, real-time, through the business management portal. Understand how each outlet and each site is performing and always have transparency on your sales, products and customers. Access actionable customer data for improved marketing and engagement.

1 On-the-go

User friendly and easy-to-use, available on both phone and tablet devices. We try to keep it simple and not over-complicate your operations.

2 Unified platform

Unlike other EPOS platforms, we have built our very own mobile ordering and EPOS that sit within one device.

3 Better management

Whether it is staff, stock, cash, or reporting, our EPOS works as the central management system for your entire business.

4 Real-time changes

Our robust software is built for live updates across products. Stock, menu items, pricing, can all be updated real-time through the click of a button.
Payment Solutions | EPOS

1 More points of sale

Customised QR codes advertise your business and allow customers to order and pay via their mobile phones.

2 Reduced staff

Depend on less staff to take orders, with customers ordering for themselves.

3 Real-time visibility

All the reports, sales, and customer insights available at the tip of your fingers.

4 Happier customers

Quicker service and mobile payments make the guest experience much more enjoyable.
Payment Solutions - Mobile Ordering

Happy clients!

Brian Galbraith
Executive Director at Hickory

“NOQ’s handheld terminals are so great for quick transactions. You place the order, you tap your card and ‘thank you very much’. It’s just brilliant.”

Luke Laws
Operations director at fabric

“We now have transaction speeds of three and a half seconds. I’ve never come across a supplier with speeds to match that.”

Vanessa Gilpin
Director at &Munch

“NOQ’s split payment feature is so easy. Every card payment is automatically split based on the agreed commission and settled directly into the accounts. It’s how business should be done.”

Stephen Busby
Operations Manager at Edinburgh Street Food

“Some people prefer QR code ordering, others crave personal interactions. It’s all about giving them the choice, and with NOQ we can do exactly that.”
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