Mobile Ordering and Track & Trace

A marketplace that connects vendors to customers by creating a seamless process for ordering at pubs, restaurants, cinemas, drive-in events, festivals, concerts, street food markets, leisure activities, stadiums and many more.

Social Distancing

Contactless ordering on demand

Our app works to deliver efficiency and safety for your customers, no matter what location or sector you operate in. See how we could help you below.

In the moment ordering

Order to table, party pods, cars, seats, bowling lanes and golf bays.

Pre-order ahead of time

Your customers can order en route to the event. Keep their order ready for collection and provide that higher quality service.

Our approach to COVID-19

Safety is paramount to us.

We are now a necessity for events and venues in allowing them to reopen whilst adhering to appropriate social distancing guidelines.

No queuing

Avoid standing close to people in a queue.

No cash exchange

Allow your customers to pay digitally and minimise contact.

No paper menus

Customers browse the menus through the NOQ app.

No F2F ordering

Customers order through the NOQ app.

Yes Track & Trace

Your responsibility and legal requirement.

How it works

We make it simple for you to connect to your customers and help your workflow

Book a demo

Schedule a 30 minute demo. Our team will scope the project and show you how we can work for you.

Enjoy the moment

Online within 24 hours

Our team will onboard all your digital assets and ensure you are happy with the final product before launching to the public.

Receive status updates

Obtain training

At NOQ, you will receive the right support. We will train you to use the vendor portal and vendor app.

Manage your workflow

Put your training into use. Start to take orders and generate income.

Data and processing

Live dashboard available to show you your total sales and items sold. Payments are transferred into your chosen bank account via Stripe.

How it works

Put your training into use. Start to take orders and generate income.

Place your order

Partner with us

We will work closely with you to provide a solution that suits your needs, upload your digital assets and menu items onto our portal.

Receive status updates

Manage your workflow

When active, your vendors will receive new order notifications through the vendor application. They can plan ahead if they are accepting pre-orders.

Enjoy the moment

Reap the rewards

Vendors can start preparing their orders and provide customers with updates along every step of the way. Simply, sit back and enjoy the sales.


We are more than just a solution to not queuing.


Improved sales performance

Increase your reach to customers by advertising your offerings. Capture the market that would have been lost due to queues. Use our promotional material to ensure higher download rates.


Effective management

Reduced queuing equals reduced chaos. Spend more time on preparing and less time on managing, leading to higher quality output and reduction in staff costs.


Understand your customers

Data analytics is crucial. Understand the spending behaviour of your customers and rise above your competitors to create a marketing strategy to suit your target audience.


No-hassle payment process

Payments related to all food and drink transactions are safely accounted for and transacted using Stripe. A quick and easy payment process.

Did you know?

Won't buy because of queue size
Spent queuing over someones life
Time we lose to queuing a week

Help customers beat the queue

No matter what industry, wait times are a crucial element in turning consumers into customers.




Live shows

Leisure activities

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